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Sex Talk

Your significant other not pleasing you? You want to try something new in bed but are too afraid to ask? Curious about trying a new position? Ask our resident experts, The Niftian & Sway, and get unbiased, experienced, passionate answers to your every inquiry! Send questions to

I’ve been sleeping with the same guy for a year now. We're both single and cool with it. We're simple fuck buddies, friends with benefits, however you would like to classify it. Even though he's cool as hell, there's one thing he's been doing that's honestly been pissing me off. He'll text other women, answer their calls, send and look at sexual pictures and videos of them either fucking each other or fucking themselves all while I'm RIGHT FUCKING THERE! He doesn't even answer my fucking calls! Like yo, I'm not your bitch anywhere besides the sheets, and counter tops and shit but damn! Can you have the common decency and respect not to be sexting yo exes and other bitches like you're not with me? So my question is should I address this discrepancy even though we're not committed, or did I set myself up for this? -Jocelyn The Niftian: Welp, on one level I feel that yes, you should say something. I'm not one to answer calls in general, but if someone is sending me some juicy material, then I'll peep it, especially if I have a freak near me that I think doesn't mind or who might want to see/hear it also. If you're not down with him splitting his attention, then sure, let him know. Beware the potential backlash, though. If we're kicking it simply on the friendly tip, then you ultimately shouldn't care about what I do if it doesn't pertain to you. But that's my opinion; some people don't like it when people are on their phones or whatnot when they're with someone, whether they be friends or lovers. For example, if I'm with my friends in public, I try and refrain from picking up my phone too often. If I'm at home, I'll do whatever I want. If I'm with a lady friend on a date, I won't touch my phone at all. Friends with benefits fall into the friend category and I'll do as I please when I'm at home. The fact that he is looking at other chicks when he is around you says one of two things: he is just that comfortable around you and thinks that you don't mind, or he doesn't respect you. We'll assume it's the former and not the latter. The squeaky wheel gets the grease, or in this case, the dick, so speak your mind.

They say I'm addicted. I say, who isn't addicted to pleasure? In the past two years I've been to orgy parties, fucked on running trails, had threesomes with twin brothers, affairs with married men, and handcuffed on-duty cops to their steering wheel while I sucked and rode their dicks. Hell, I've even had a few wives calling me Daddy while we licked each other, some even being clients at my firm. But is that so wrong? That I've fucked these people? That I came with more than one dick inside of me? That I've squirted on a few women while pulling their hair? That I've got one-night stands calling my home, cell, and office day and night non-stop just to smell the sweetness of pineapple marinated pussy and lick between my Georgia Peach; all while never planning to ever communicate with most of these people ever again. I'm just a woman with an insatiable appetite for the highest altitude of bliss. They say I'm addicted. I say, is there really a such thing as a sex addict? -Imani The Niftian: Yes.

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